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Samoa News and cultural documentary videos bringing you up to date news on what is going on in our beloved Samoa. Click the PICTURE ABOVE and pick your favorite video topic!


Samoa if full of entertainment which is so important for our culture. See what is happening in the villages around Upolu and Savaii. Click the PICTURE ABOVE and pick your favorite video!


Having fun and enjoying life is a part of our natural behavior. Although not everyone is able to understand our jokes. You will love this... Click the PICTURE ABOVE and pick your video RIGHT NOW!


If you like to be reminded of any aspect of the Samoan family life and culture, this is absolutely a must to see. This is fantastic education for your kids as well... Get the movie NOW! Click the PICTURE ABOVE...

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SILAMANINO 6 Trailer With Ben Vai Singing

Silamanino part 6 is about to be launched. The movie have the beautiful songs from the very talented Silamanino movie actor […]

Behind The Scene

What Is Going On Behind The Scene? Click Here and watch it!

Movie Trailer

SILAMANINO - This movie is our master work, capturing a family in Samoa and the Samoan daily life. This is also a celebration of the 50th Samoan Independence Day. Shortly you will be able to purchase and download this very special movie, right here on this website...

SILAMANINO - PART 2 has just been released. Have a look at this heart-warming movie trailer.

SILAMANINO - PART 3 is now available. Don't miss this fantastic story...

SILAMANINO - PART 4 coming soon. The story is getting more and more exciting. You definitely don't want to miss this oneā€¦

SILAMANINO - PART 5 coming soon. Silamanino gets to face the unbearable; facing Sili confronting her with the emotions of finding out his true identity. How will this story end?

SILAMANINO PART 6. The incredible Silamanino story goes on with the missing Enoka coming back, Sili maturing into a man and facing his real life and Silamanino moving into a new relation.