Silamanino Part 2 – New Samoa Video Release

silamanino 2

We are  happy and proud to let you know that Silamanino Part 2 has just been released. Last night we did the first screening for a small group of people including the actors in the movie itself. It was a wonderful experience with a lot of learning and fun.

This new Samoa Video release is the continuous story about a normal Samoan Family and their challenges.

Shortly it will be ready for the public to purchase. Thanks again for all your support and love. This is what makes our work worth while…

Watch the YouTube trailer at:



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10 Responses so far.

  1. pei.easter.fagalilo says:

    will you be able to send me a movie part2 of silamanino please email me if you can,then i make payment online please,thank about the movie it so manice better than other movies…malo le tautua atunuu….thanks so much.

    • Ese williams says:

      Yes also need to send me one at 124 5th ave sw pacific wa98047 or call 2067926067

      • Harry says:

        You guys are located in Washington? I live in Washington too in Seattle. Question, how is it this movie is made in Samoa and the DVDs is all the way in Washington?

        How do I get a copy? How can I order this movie?

      • Harry says:

        Oh lol.. hahahaha.

        Sorry, I thought Ese Williams was the one who was selling the DVDs, hehe my bad.

    • velonika says:

      can you sand me a move part2 of silamanino please email me if you can ,then i make on line please,thanks about the move it so beautiful.malo le taumafai …thanks so much.god bless

  2. Elena says:

    Is Silamanino part2 available for purchase to download online. Please advise. Anxious and excited to see part 2!

  3. velonika says:

    i need wach move silamanino part 2

  4. sio vitaliano says:

    i need watch part 2

  5. Tootoo says:

    I want to watch part two its a
    very sad and a good movie

  6. Vagana says:

    I first time watch the part 4 really love it bring me back home to samoa seeing green grass and daily chores….now I going to buy part 1,2,3..well done

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